MEDF – School & Medical Supplies – Report 2013

MEDF Letterhead This is the Report on the receiving of School and Medical Supplies donations from the Rotary Clubs of Brisbane, Australia, through the Rotary Club of Lae of Papua New Guinea, and the subsequent distribution of the supplies to the recipient school children and the medical centers up in the Dei District of the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. The Board and Management of Melanesia Education Development Foundation Inc of PNG take this privilege to Thank the number of Rotary Clubs in Brisbane who have participated to mobilize the successful donation of the school supplies and the medical supplies to PNG for distribution to needy school children and medical centers in PNG. Secondly, we Thank Mr. Cole Sutcliffe in particular for his tireless efforts to make this project a success from its journey out of Brisbane Australia. Thirdly, we Thank our Rotary Club of Lae, and its wonderful Rotary members for all the dedication, time, effort, and contributions in-kind in ensuring the supplies were processed and cleared from the Lae wharf and delivered to our care for distribution to the needy school children and medical centers. We have received twenty cartons of school supplies for the school children in need, and twenty three cartons of medical supplies, four wheel chairs, three support trolleys, and one oxygen and gas bottle trolley. The supplies were picked up in Lae by MEDF volunteers from Mt Hagen and have them transported to Mt Hagen late January 2013. The President (Mr. John Kambowa) had personally flown up to Mt Hagen from Port Moresby to deliver the supplies to the recipients this March 2013. Like all donations to our Melanesia Education Development Foundation are well received, treated with care, appreciated and accounted for in our deliveries. The material supplies were delivered to the recipients including the Kenembo Primary School children in the Dei District of the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea, and the medical supplies were delivered to Mitiku Adventist Sub Health Centre in the Dei District of the Western Highlands Province of PNG. This was the first visit to the Kenembo Primary School and the Mitiku Adventist Sub Health Centre in the Dei District to receive such donations of school supplies and medical supplies from the Brisbane Rotary Clubs of Australia through the Rotary Club of Lae, and through our local community service NGO, the MEDF. The generous donations were truly well received and there was a sense of excitement from the eight hundred (800) plus school children, teachers, board of management, the host communities of Kenembo Primary School, the Head Master, and the Chairman of Kenembo Primary School, the Director of the Mitiku Health Centre, medical staff, the Village Councilor of Mitiku communities, the host communities of Mitiku. The Kenembo Primary School has Eight Hundred (800) children, and the Mitiku Health serves Ten Thousand (10,000) plus people in the Dei District. The school supplies were to be shared with school children from Kukgak Primary School which has another Nine Hundred (900) Primary School children, and Kenembo Pre-School which has another Two Hundred kinder gardeners. The school supplies were to be shared amongst more than One Thousand Nine Hundred (1,900) school children. The medical supplies were also to be shared amongst other health centers who have an immediate need of the specific type of supplies we have delivered and that was agreed. Key Theme in our presentation speech to children, teachers, board members, medical workers, host communities was of “The Love of Giving”. That these supplies speak of volumes, they have a message, each one of the materials were handled by someone for the purpose of giving to someone in need, and they reflect of someones love for the children and people of PNG. The donations speak of sharing, friendship, goodwill, medical care, success in the children’s life, making a difference in an individual’s life, live long, reduce sufferings, income generation, employment opportunities, and finally fight against poverty. The donations were the seeds of giving planted by a child, a parent, a community worker, a Rotarian, and those who care for others in Brisbane to our lives in Kenembo communities. You must take responsibility when your turn comes to give. Remember, if a child in Brisbane made your day with a pen, a pencil, a book, a carry bag, an hat, in your hands today, we must say thank you. Let’s say thank you by helping others when our turn comes. We must become a responsible community member and always make a difference in someone’s life for the better! This message got down very well with the school children and the medical workers and was touching when they have not witnessed such a presentation before in this manner. Storage in Mt Hagen was catered for by Mr. John Wamp at his warehouse and one of the Kukgak Primary School host community Leader in the Dei District. All domestic logistical support and expenses were catered through the MEDF donation support received from our various supporters, volunteers and donors. We look forward to more similar support from various donors in-kind from all sectors of the communities in PNG and overseas to make a child, and a student’s life impacted with community service, sharing, and planting of another seed in the life of a child who shall later give to community service. Although it took a while, the material supplies had been finally well received and delivered. The photo images are shown below for reference. Thank you so much for those who have gave and participated in our educational development programs.

Mr.John Kambowa
Melanesia Education Development Foundation Inc.

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