President’s Message – February 2012

Afternoon Members,

Many thanks for all involved in today’s community projects drop to the sub-health centre at Situm. The six (6) specialized hospital beds and medical equipment/consumables were gratefully received by Cathy Joe and her staff. A small crowd of locals gathered for a toksave and plenty of kids enjoyed the snacks, cool drinks and balloons (great idea Kylie!).

Situm Health CenterWhen you understand that the sisters at the centre have more than 8000 people in there surrounding area to service and have hundreds waiting for attention on a daily basis you realize that the equipment Rotary gives goes a long way to ease the suffering of people seeking medical attention. It is a long Rotary supply chain to ensure beds get to their final destination but we do the very important last step as a Club of ensuring that people in genuine need get help. Having a functioning health centre at Situm takes some burden of Angau Hospital as well, so there is a double benefit to the Lae community. As one of the Rotary logo’s say, Humanity in Motion.
Situm Health Center

Today’s drop allows us to empty and return containers to their rightful owners. Mark Flewin’s stock control system has been a godsend for the club…..actually Mark Flewin has been a godsend for our club.
So, thanks to all for putting up with the heat and the flies and the dust and sweating a bit to get the job done.

Special thanks to:

1. Rotarian Andrew Falconer who brought a visiting Rotarian Mark Hanlon along from the Rotary Club of Cambridge (New Zealand) for the experience;
2. Larry Hulo and SVS for the loan of their truck and staff for the delivery; and
3. Also, our Club’s best friend Namea Nou and other friends from Mark Flewins work team at Seeto Kui (as well as the snacks provided); and
4. Partners and children of Rotarians who helped along the way!

Please send any pics you can to our diligent webmaster and he’ll upload to our website no doubt. See you all Tuesday night.


Anthony Whitfield
President 2011-2012

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