Wheelchair Mama

LAST year the Rotary Club of Lae delivered a wheel chair to the Bundi Camp on the outskirts of the city.

The wheel chair was a donation to an old lady from the Gembogl area of the Chimbu Province.

Eta Nimambo was released from the Angau Memorial Hospital after a long battle with tuberculosis of the spinal cord.

It was a disease that eventually paralysed her even though she was cured.

Back at her home at the Bundi Camp she could not walk. All her movements meant being carried around by relatives.

It was not until elders from her Holy Spirit Parish at Boundary Road put a request to the Rotary Club of Lae for Eta Nimambo who is popularly known as ‘Mama’ that help eventually arrived – much to the tears of joy of her relatives.

Now mobile she was able to wheel herself from her settlement home to the church on Sunday where Lae Rotarian Oseah Philemon found her and took this picture.

Mrs Nimambo said she was very happy with her wheel chair. She is seen here with her relatives outside the Holy Spirit Parish Church.

The Rotary Club of Lae has donated wheel chairs to people all over Lae as well as others of Papua New Guinean whenever requests had been received.

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