Service Projects Summary

‘C’ School Equipment

Many schools in PNG do not have the tools and equipment to provide a good education. This project aims at delivering equipment to Lae’s most needy schools. Books, desks, chairs and computers (arranged through Donations in Kind and local businesses) will be distributed to these schools via our dedicated project team.

Community Projects

PNG’s population is organised around strong community ties. This project focuses on improving Rotary Club of Lae’s interaction with individual communities. The club will organise charity events aimed at building awareness around social issues such as malaria and HIV/AIDS. Within this project Rotary will also support local medical clinics by providing them with much needed basic supplies.

Pride of Workmanship Awards

Lae is PNG’s industrial hub. Many businesses are headquartered in Lae. This project aims to encourage excellence at work. Rotary will partner with the Lae Chamber of Commerce and local businesses to establish an annual award for high performing individuals in trade and service roles.

Sports and Vocational Mentoring Program

Lae is PNG’s second largest city and home to many future sport and business leaders. This project will deliver a mentoring program designed to nurture the city’s young talent.

School Scholarships Program

Many families in Lae struggle to pay annual school fees. The result of this is good students miss out on the chance of an education. This project will establish a scholarship program for Lae’s high caliber students from a disadvantaged background. Rotary will support the student by paying their annual school fees.

Angau Hospital Equipment

Angau Hospital is Lae’s largest and most important hospital. However, it suffers from a lack of good medical equipment. The first phase of this project is to complete a feasibility study into introducing a baby vaccination program and improving equipment at Angau’s cancer and pathology units.

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