Boana Health Centre drop-off March 2014 (16/3/14)

Boana Health Centre drop-off March 2014 (16/3/14)

In terms of time and distance, another big adventure came off on Sunday. Yes, it’s the sequel you’ve been waiting for… RETURN TO BOANA starring none other than the Rotary Club of Lae Huon Gulf.

Nestled high in the mountains of Morobe, Boana is a genuinely rural provincial health and administration centre.It took our two vehicles an hour and a half to travel the 25 km from where the road turns off the Highlands Highway. That’s averaging a whopping 16 km/h.

Thanks to the medical supplies (disposable latex gloves, surgical masks & birthing kits) and library books in the back, I made it all the way up there in 2 wheel drive. Steep, narrow, rocky, rutted roads zigzagged up a couple of mountain ranges and down the other side. Invariably, there was a white-water river at the bottom and more than a few friendly faces along the way.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

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