Angau Hospital Drop (23/8/13)

Angau Hospital Drop (23/8/13)

Rotary Club of Lae Huon Gulf has delivered the following items with the assistance from KK Kingston to ANGAU hospital –

  • 6 Hospital bed including foam mattress
  • 2 Medical waste bins
  • 2 children’s wheelchairs in kit form
  • Overhead projector and laser printer
  • Approx 20 box’s of medical gloves
  • Approx 20 box’s of surgical masks
  • 4 bags of linen for hospital beds.
  • Birthing Kits

It was a pleasure to see the great improvement to the A&E ward at ANGAU and seeing this encourages Rotary to provide further assistance where we are able to.

Thank you

Andrew Falconer – President Rotary Club Huon Gulf
Stephen, Beach – Vice President Rotary Club Huon Gulf
Larry Hulo – Sectary Rotary Club Huon Gulf (Past President)

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