Donation to Labu Mothers

Donation to Labu Mothers

by Oseah Philemon

Today the Rotary Club of Lae donated four pallets of water containers to the mothers Church Fellowship Group from Labu-Buttu village near Lae.

Labu-Buttu village was the hardest village hit by the recent dead fish saga where hundreds of dead eels, cat fish and prawns were found floating on the surface of the Markham River.

To date the cause of the deaths have not been established but it has caused a lot of fear among the Labu people who have stopped fishing around the mouth of the Markham River as well as in the Labu Lakes.

The fear has also forced the villagers to travel long distances inland in search of fresh water for drinking and washing.

This has also led to another problem: lack of water containers.

Through the generosity of Laga Industries, our club has been able to donate these water containers to the mothers’ fellowship group from Labu Buttu who have now taken the yellow presents home for distribution to the various families.

Thanks to Laga for this great help.

The women were absolutely delighted and grateful for the help.

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