Donaton to Mutzing Health Center (24/9/11)

Place/Person Receiving donation:Mutzing Health Center
Rotary Project:Community Services
Location of presentation:Mutzing, Markham highway
Rotarian Presenting Item:Larry Hulo
People at presentation:CEO Veronica Waffi & Nurses at Clinic and Friends of Rotary (Shem and Emilia Waenesai).
Story about Donation:Mutzing is 60 miles from Lae along Okuk Highway. It has 5 wards (including a maternity & childrens ward). The clinic services some 60,000 people. Accident victims often get taken there & drugs often run out & equipment are outdated. Beds repace the wooden ones, many which have boards rotting or broken due to over-use & lack of repair.
Mutzing supplies 18 other smaller aid posts. They need more beds & basic equipment like scales, thermometers, linen, gauze, surgical masks, gloves etc for those aid posts. Their list is being drawn up to see if Rotary can further assist.
Mutzing Friends of Rotary & Mrs Waffi the Chief Health Officer (CHO) treated our lads & I to a warm reception of kulau (coconut) drinks & light lunch after unloading at their offices (where speeches were made)
Containers Goods Came From:CELU3050612
Goods Donated:8* Hospital beds with infusion stands and Pull Up grips (hydraulic and wind up) and 8 Brand new Hospital Grade Mattresses.

To view stories and photos of this and other donations please visit DIK Tracking.

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